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Health Services

A nurse is available during school hours for accidents or illnesses that occur during school. Please do not come to school if you are ill, vomiting, or have a fever over 100 degrees. The nurse has no provisions to handle sick students, and your parent/guardian will be called immediately to pick you up. If you become ill at school, ask to see the nurse. Do not call home from your cell phone or classroom phone. Students must have a signed pass from a teacher to see the nurse unless it is an emergency.

Emergency cards will be sent home and must be filled out, signed by a parent/guardian, and kept on file in the health clinic. Tylenol or Ibuprofen can only be administered to students who have a consent form on file. The school nurse can not administer medication for the common cold or stomach aches. Over the counter cold medication, such as Sudafed, should be taken before coming to school. All medication to be taken at school must be kept in the nurse’s office. Students are not permitted to carry Tylenol, Midol, Motrin or prescription medications in their back packs or purses. Prescription medication, along with a doctor’s note, should be dropped off at the nurse’s office in the original labeled bottle before school.                                                  

The health clinic is located across from the reception office in the main office. If you have any health concerns or questions, please see the nurse during your assigned lunch only. If the nurse is out of the clinic, please see the receptionist in the main office for assistance.

There are times when a student should not be in school for his/her own welfare and for the protection of other students. Students should remain home or be sent home from school if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever, temperature of 100 degrees or higher, with or without other symptoms
  • A cold in the contagious stage
  • Any communicable disease such as chicken pox, measles, pink eye
  • Undiagnosed rash or skin eruptions
  • Vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours
  • Untreated head lice or scabies
  • A diagnosis of strep throat until the student has been on antibiotics for 24 hours.

Every effort is made to prevent accidents. However, in case of an accident, first aid will be administered only by the school nurse or other authorized school personnel. If the injury is serious, every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian. If, however, the school is unable to reach the parent/guardian, the school will follow the directions on the student health form to secure an individual to pickup the student. If a student requires medical attention beyond the scope of the school nurse and the school is unable to reach the parent/guardian, the school will call 911 and notify the parent as soon as possible.