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Parents and guardians of Bluffton High School students who have questions or concerns about the materials available to your students may bring those concerns directly to the teacher in the case of assigned reading or to the school librarian if the material in question is a choice reading book. 

Parents may request that their student(s) opt out of the assignment and be assigned alternative materials at any time.  They may also request their student opt-out of school library materials. The full regulation is provided in Instructional Services Administrative Regulation IS-38.1.  The Request to Opt-Out of School Library Materials Form located at the end of IS 38.1 must be returned to a school administrator.  An electronically fillable form is in the works.

School library material selection and adoption policies can be found in Instructional Services Administrative Regulation IS-38.  

Additional information on Board Policies and Administrative Regulations can be found on the BCSD website.